Fluke 1750: The Power Quality Recorder

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Now you can monitor power disturbances and three-phase electrical quality with the Fluke 1750power quality recorder. It comes with Power Analyze Software. With the help of this device, you can record all electric quality events and parameters on each cycle – and this can be done continuously all the time.

There are many applications of this 
Fluke power quality tester. Some of them are:

  •        Long term testing: With this electrical test equipment, you can find hidden problems, test critical equipment, capture power quality events and correlate them to device malfunction. This way, faults can be detected even before they happen.
  •        Power quality surveys: You can quantify the quality of power throughout your facility, document results, and generate professional reports.
  •        Service compliance: The 1750 validates quality of power that comes in at service entrance
  •        Equipment commissioning/ installation: It creates benchmarks to test the system before installation to make sure that the service is of best quality

The measurements of 1750 comply with IEC61000 standards for accurate evaluation of measured values, like current, voltage, power, flicker, and harmonics, etc. It is easy to setup this device, and data is collected using Power Analyze Software so you don’t have to worry about any missed data because of incorrect steps.