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Fluke 1750: The Best Power Quality Recorder

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Fluke 1750 is a brand new power quality recorder that can detect and monitor all power disturbances as well as three phase electrical quality. This Fluke power quality recorder allows you to keep track of all electric quality events continuously without needing batteries. It assures a safe and quick setup as only single-lead voltage connections are required. Moreover, you do not need to worry whether the instrument is working or not. LEDs of the device let you know that signals are within the range, and data is being recorded.

Fluke 1750 is a greatly improved power quality tester with a Power Analyze Software. All 
HV diagnostics values are correctly evaluated and these measurements comply with IEC61000 standards. The device is easy to set up and use. It has a front panel interface that helps you verify the working of the device without a laptop too. Most functions are automated and data is automatically analyzed and reports are generated. Every parameter on each cycle is effectively measured.

This device has many wide ranging applications. You can uncover easily isolated hard to find issues, monitor all critical equipment, and record all power quality events to identify reasons for equipment malfunction. This is the best device to quantify power throughout any facility with properly documented results. If you are looking for a solution to power quality management, look no further. Whether you wish to buy a Fluke power quality tester or rent it to gauge its worth, you are at the right place.