Fluke 1750: The Best Electrical Test Equipment

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The three phase power recorder is a power recorder that can be used to conduct power quality investigations. It consists of a power recorder instrument, a wireless handheld Personal Digit Assistant (PDA) and a PC application called Power Analyze which is very powerful, but easy to use.

It is a very powerful device which is used to test and measure all power quality parameters, with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A measurement systems. 
Fluke Power Quality lets you measure the quality of power so that you can tell how well a system would support consistent working under regular loads. The measurement of power disturbance may include current, voltage, or frequency. The power disturbance may originate in power systems, loads, or utility. Power disturbance may last from a few microseconds to many hours. It is nothing but a disturbance that is created in the system and is measured in terms of magnitude and duration. As it falls outside operating limits, theelectrical test equipment tends to go for a toss.

When the device breaks down, it not only interrupts the production but also brings along many other losses as well. It leads to downtime, which in return leads to low productivity and hence a directly proportional increase in energy expenses. This might even ruin a business if not taken much care, thus increasing the costs and decreasing the return on investments.

Fluke 1750 provides you with the best recorder that can be used for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and recording & analysis of industrial utilities and applications. Unlike other single functional devices, it provides you with a power meter and a power monitor, along with a power factor meter. These three devices are combined into one unit. It can be used to startup motor analysis, hotspot detection for effective wiring, power distribution circuit verification, and recording & measurement of power quality. It satisfies the new flicker standards of IEC Class A. This product ranges from meters to monitor, and is available in single-phase and three-phase power units.

This device lasts for a longer duration when compared to other systems and hence is durable. It is also easy to use, as it comes with a manual which consists of documented results with professional reports. It has proved to be a benchmark of its own kind among other products thus making it one of the best devices, ensuring customers of its quality.

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