Fluke 1750 Power Quality Recorder

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Now you can record 3 phase power quality with Fluke 1750. It comes with Power Analyzer software that is easy to setup and lets you monitor Fluke power quality really easily. This power recorder automatically records all power parameters on every cycle.

Capturing disturbances annoys you? No worries, because this device has a threshold free system that is completely automatic. You can know about all measurements of all events, during all cycles, all the time. Unprecedented resolution changes and disturbances can wear down your electric devices. With the 1750, you get complete transparency and visibility into distribution systems. The recorder will automatically detect, scale, and power the current probe without the need of batteries.

It needs just a single lead voltage connection to let you setup the device really easily and quickly. Once you apply power to the device, it starts taking recordings. You can know about the status with the help of LEDs, so there are no uncertainties if the data is getting recorded or not. It comes with an internal algorithm that makes sure that all power events are recorded without a difficult setting up process.

With the help of its PDA recorder, you can control the unit wirelessly. On the PDA screen, you can get to know whatever this electrical test equipment is recording.