Fluke 1750 Power Quality Recorder and Analyzer

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When it comes to power quality analysis and recording, the Fluke 1750 simplifies testing procedures to get the job done right. Without proper testing of power equipment, energy loss and equipment failure can result. Testers such as this Fluke power quality recorder help to determine when equipment is losing efficiency so that steps may be taken to mitigate power loss and potential failure of system.

In fact, Fluke estimates that companies lose billions each year due to power issues and equipment downtime. With the three-phase 1750 system, companies can capture vital data needed on every cycle and event in order to make sure that equipment is running optimally. Setup and data analysis is easy, and the tester comes with software that assists users in testing and understanding results. All accessories are included so that the testing package is complete.

Fluke Equipment offers a handy demonstration video that offers all the information you need on how the 1750 works and provides data analysis to users.  You can find the demonstration video below, and if you would like to add this power quality tool to your testing and measurement equipment inventory, then give us a call to learn more about our rental and purchase program at (972) 352-5550.