Fluke 1750: Power Quality Monitor

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The power quality of any electrical system must be diagnosed and tested on a regular basis to ensure its smooth operation. The various parameters of electric power should be tested so that the emergence of any fault in the electrical system is promptly identified and rectified, or else it may lead to huge monetary loss.

Fluke 1750 is considered to be among the best devices for Fluke power quality testing. It is used to provide hassle free recording of power quality and tracking of power disturbances. This user friendly tool consists of a power recording instrument, a PC application called Analyze, and a Personal Digital Assistant that acts as a control center.

It is loaded with a number of innovative additional features. The PDA enhances its user friendliness and allows users to preview FAT, configure the device, download data, and troubleshoot connections. The internal rechargeable battery makes sure that the data is not lost even in case of a power failure. The built in wireless feature comes handy while connecting other instruments at remote locations without laptop. It enhances the flexibility of Fluke 1750 power recorder.

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