Fluke 1750 – High Power Quality Recorder

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There are different types of electrical equipment, and then there are different types of electrical testing equipment to test your electrical devices. These testing equipments are used for deducing and analyzing the working ability of any electrical device and keeping a tab on it to see if it is working to its full potential and inbuilt features.  

So to monitor and record any power quality disturbances, the high power three phase recorder,Fluke 1750, is considered to be the best.  This recorder works in tandem with Fluke power Analyzer software and records each and every power quality event and parameter carried out in every cycle constantly all the time.  

Attributes of 1750

This three phase recorder is fully automatic and inbuilt with exclusive system for threshold-free measurements.  It provides you with unprecedented resolution as well as accuracy due to which your distribution system becomes completely visible to you. Some of the most important highlights of this recorder are automatic detection, scaling, and providing power current without any aid of batteries.  

The Fluke power quality is unmatched and requires connections of only single-lead voltage which contributes in quick and safe setting up of the system. Quick setup as well as verification with waveform displays, phasor diagrams, and meter screens is made possible with the availability of PDA wireless interfaces that supplement the recorder.