Fluke 1750 for Power Quality Analyzers

Fluke_1750Find disturbances in power quality with the Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer.

This meter offers an automatic recording feature designed to take note of every event and parameter for any cycle. With its three phase modes, this tough unit will capture any measurement due to its cross channeling and current triggers.

Power quality measurements meet industry standards and will evaluate voltage, flicker, current, harmonics and power with ease. All users need to do it plug in the unit and get started making set up quick and easy.

The accompanying software allows for simple data analysis and report generation to comply with EN50160 standards. The intuitive report system allows for additional automation so that users may easily create standardized or custom reports free of hassle.

The Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer offers users the ability to analyze long term events and monitor equipment while also allowing for easy detection of previously hard to find issues. This analyzer performs power quality surveys with professional reporting to make sure equipment throughout an area is functioning correctly. When installing new equipment, the Fluke 1750 Power Quality Analyzer assists users with setting benchmarks for future performance and reporting data.

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