Fluke 1750 Features

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Fluke 1750 is a three-phase power quality recorder that is used for recording and surveillance of quality of power. This system includes a mechanism for determining Fluke power quality, a wireless personal digital assistant (PDA) for regulating and operating power, and a very user-friendly PC application coupled with analyzer software.

Here are a few features of the 1750:

  •        For installing this device, you don’t need a PC for starting the recorder, rectifying connections or for downloading the recorded data.
  •        The device is designed to be highly user-friendly for easy operations and control without any preconditions or lengthy procedure books. You just need to connect a voltage probe to a connector on each phase that needs to be recorded. The recorder is designed in such a way that it would be able to recognize any type or model of probe used and it automatically rearranges its configuration for voltage measurement regardless of the type or brand of probe used. It is therefore not predefined or restricted to any specific type of voltage probe.
  •        Once connected, you can easily view readings and graphical representation on the handheld PDA controller. If there is any loose connection in the phase channel due to improper wiring, then the phase can be swapped to another channel by changing the internal recorder settings using PDA and then rechecked for correct readings.

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