Fluke 1750 – Effective Monitoring of Power Quality

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Fluke 1750 – Effective Monitoring of Power QualityFor continuous functioning of electrical systems, it is crucial that they are regularly tested and diagnosed for power quality issues. There are many factors related to electric power that need to be tested in order to identify and correct any fault that may occur in the system. Failure in taking timely action may result in significant monetary losses.

The Fluke 1750 is a trusted name when it comes to testing power quality. This advanced device can be effectively used for power quality recording and tracking down power disturbances.

This electrical test equipment is not only highly accurate but also very user friendly. The major components of Fluke 1750 include:

  • An instrument for power recording
  • Analyze, a PC application
  • PDA or Personal Digital Assistant (control center)

There are many other innovative features that come integrated with this testing device. User friendliness of this tool is due to the PDA that helps in the configuration of the device, downloading of data, previewing FAT, and troubleshooting connections.  

Fluke 1750 also comes with an internal rechargeable battery. This makes sure that even when there is a loss of power, data is not lost. The inbuilt wireless feature of this device is useful when there is a need to connect to remotely located instruments.