Fluke 1750 – Check the Quality of Your Power

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Fluke power quality analysis equipment measures the performance and operation of a system in terms of power quality that in turn affects the ROI of your devices. Power monitoring plays a vital role in manufacturing goods. Power disturbances or any event involving fluctuations in voltage, frequency, or current adversely affect any business in the following manner

  •        It leads to production loss
  •        Power interruptions may damage a product that is partially completed
  •        The energy costs go up as electric utilities tend to charge penalties on high peak demands and poor power performance.

Fluke power meters are a must-have in your toolkit as they are portable, flexible, easy to use and durable. So, whether you wish to enhance productivity or measure the power coefficient, perform HV diagnostics or observe the electrical trends, the extensive range of power quality analysis tools from Fluke will meet all your needs.

Fluke 1750 is a power quality recorder with intuitive PC software, premium accuracy, and hassle-free set up. It gives you a detailed view of the minutest events since it has 8000 Vpk, 5MHZ waveform capture. It provides the facility of swapping channels internally so there is no need to connect it with wires. You may quickly retrieve the data via SD memory card or with 100BaseT Ethernet connection.