Fluke 1750 – Best Electrical Test Device

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Recording power quality disturbances was never as easy as it is now, thanks to the availability of an advanced power meter called Fluke 1750. This dynamic electrical test equipment is capable of recording every single parameter related to power quality. In simple words, this power meter is able to capture every single measurement, event, and cycle- all the time. One of the most appealing features of this power meter is that it runs without the help of batteries. Fluke power qualityrecorder can automatically detect current probes on various powers, and it also scales current probes. It delivers extraordinary accuracy & effectiveness.

Not a single disturbance can go unnoticed from the powerful mechanism of this three-phase power quality recorder, since it features a unique kind of capture algorithm which ensures that every single event is recorded. Another truly commendable feature of this power meter is that it is equipped with built-in wireless technology, which allows users to exercise control on more than one instrument, remotely. Also, you don’t need a desktop or laptop to use this feature.

This powerful recorder leaves no scope for any kind of discrepancy, since it has been designed for accuracy. You can try the 1750 rental first, and if you are satisfied, buy the device.