Fluke 1750 – A Trusted Name in Power Quality Tools

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When it comes to monitoring power quality disturbances and recording 3-phase power quality, the Fluke 1750 is one of your best options. This innovative device along with the Power Analyze software from Fluke is capable of automatically recording each power quality event and parameter, on every cycle – constantly.

Uses of Fluke 1750 include:

  •        Power quality surveys: Compute power quality all through the facility while recording outputs with professional reports
  •        Long-term analysis: Expose intermittent or unreachable issues and examine critical equipment while checking for power quality events that associate with equipment breakdown
  •        Quality of service acquiescence: At service entrance, authorize incoming power quality

Vital Attributes of the Power Meter, Fluke 1750

  •        Standardized power quality: All measurements are in compliance with the IEC61000-4-30 standards for accurate estimation of all calculated values including current, voltage, power, flicker, harmonics, etc.
  •        Swift and consistent configuration: The ARCHOS 43 Internet Tablet offers a window into whatever the equipment is recording, facilitating reliable and fast configuration even in the awkward test positions.
  •        Threshold-free setting: When you apply thresholds using the Power Analyze Software, after information has been collected, you don’t have to worry about overlooked data due to erroneous setups.
  •        Reporting made easy: Auto Report feature in the Fluke power quality meter generates either customized or standard reports in a very hassle-free manner.  

Along with the above features, some of the other major features of this innovative electrical test equipment include the instinctive PC software, plug and play feature, automatic EN50160 reporting and acquiescence, etc.