Fluke 1750 – A Quality Brand

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Fluke 1750 is a three-phase power quality recorder that gives premium accuracy and measurement for power quality investigations. It has a wireless handheld personal digital assistant known as PDA that provides control and setup for analyzing power. There are four 400A probes on the device. The device is able to capture everything, while it analyses the data and generates reports. It can measure voltage, current on three phases, neutral and ground. It doesn’t require any PC setup.

Fluke also offers wide range of products to measure quality of power. Measurements carried out using 
Fluke power quality devices help in knowing how well a system can support reliable operations on power load. A disturbance in power can originate in customer’s power systems, loads and utility, due to voltage, current and frequency. There is an array of power quality tools available from Fluke that offer trouble shooting and preventive measures. There are various products, including power quality troubleshooters, power quality loggers and power quality recorders. These devices capture power disturbances, and trends and analysis of devices.

Another power monitoring device is Drantez Px5 or the Power Explorer PX5 which offers easy to test and navigate features along with GUI or graphical user interface. It has high speed sampling data capture, which can catch thousands of parameters.