Fluke 1750 – A Name You Can Trust

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You can monitor power quality disturbances and record 3 phase power quality using the Fluke power quality analyzer software and the Fluke 1750 3 phase power recorder.  These power meters are capable of automatically recording all the power quality parameters and events, on every cycle constantly.

The system is wired in so it does not miss capturing of any disturbance ever. It has a threshold free measuring system, which is exclusively built for it. It also has unparalleled accuracy and its resolution provides you with complete view of your distribution system. It automatically scales, detects, and powers up current probes without the requirement of batteries.

It requires only a single lead voltage connection, thus enabling itself for a safe and quick setup. Once it is supplied with power, this electrical test equipment starts recording automatically and the well placed LEDs notify you that the recorder is now powered up and the signals are in range, and this eliminates any uncertainty over the data getting recorded. The Fluke 1750 3 phase power quality recorder has a capture algorithm that is exclusive to it, and which makes sure that all the events get captured without the hassle of finding blind spots and going through tiresome setups, which are associated with most threshold driven units.

You can wirelessly interact with the recorder using a PDA, which allows a fast setup and verification using phasor diagrams, meter screens, and waveform displays. The in-built wireless technology enables you to control more than one instrument remotely without requiring a computer. However, you can use your laptop if you wish to.

Some of its applications include:

Power quality surveys: You can quantify power quality completely in a facility, and document the results using professional reports.

Service compliance: You can validate the incoming power quality as it enters the service entrance.

Long-term analysis: It helps you uncover the intermittent or hard to find issues over long durations.

Semi-permanent monitoring: It is capable of monitoring critical equipment and to capture power quality events which can correlate with any equipment’s malfunctions.

What’s in the box? (Things that come with the meter)

  •        A 1750 acquisition unit
  •        A wireless PDA “front panel interface”
  •        Power plug adapters for charging
  •        Current probes ranging from 4-400A
  •        A total of 5 test clips and leads
  •        An SD card for memory storage
  •        Software for the Fluke Power Analyzer and Fluke Power View
  •        A power cord with an attachment of internationally usable plug sets
  •        An Ethernet cable
  •        Product software in a CD along with a user manual

With so many features, the 1750 is certainly among the best power quality testers. You can buy this device, or can opt for electrical test equipment rental.