Fluke 1750 – A Guide

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The Fluke 1750 is a comprehensive power recorder that has a user friendly system for power and quality investigations. It is also sometimes referred to as “the Recorder” that contains a power recording device, a handheld wireless Personal Digital Assistant or PDA for setup and control, an easy to use yet powerful PC application, and Fluke Power Quality Analyzer.

You can record 3-phase power quality and check for power quality turbulence with the latest 1750 Power Recorder model and the power analyzing software. These power meters routinely record each power quality event and parameter, on each cycle at all times.

Fluke Electrical Test Equipment Applications:

  •        Long-term analysis: Using this device, you can expose issues that are intermittent or hard-to-find, observe critical equipment, checking power quality measures to associate with equipment malfunction.
  •        Surveys power quality: This device can help you compute power quality right through a facility, with results documented as professional reports.
  •        Service compliance quality: This equipment can also help you authenticate received power quality at a service entry point.
  •        Features:
  •        Measurements are IEC61000-4-30  standards compliant
  •        Reliable and quick configuration
  •        Instinctive PC software: Analyze data with ease and generates reports with automatic EN50160 reporting and acquiescence

The 1750 offers high quality and safe testing.