Finding the Right Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Correctly diagnosing when electrical circuits are overloaded depends heavily on the tools being used to test them. The first line of defense to prevent dangerous circuit overload conditions is the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers basically shut down or break the current when the wire or cable conducting the current is over capacity.

A short in the circuit due to a power surge or electrical overload will usually be a temporary or accidental situation. Things like too many electrical devices connected to the same plug can overload a circuit and cause the breakers to switch off the current. If breakers continue to trip after resetting, however, it usually means there is something much more serious going on with the electrical system.

The use of a circuit breaker test set is a dependable method of making sure your electrical system is running smoothly. Different testers serve various purposes so having an understanding of what is available is equally important to regularly maintaining equipment.

Determining whether a circuit breaker is overloading is an easy test when performed using a clamping ammeter. The ammeter checks system shorts and overloads. It also will discover when the circuit is allowing the electrical current to run through it.

Circuit Finders or Tracer
Finding out if a circuit breaker is live is as simple as using an electromagnetic circuit finder. This test method will make sure there is a live connection and discover which individual breaker controls the live circuitry. 

Electrostatic Wands
The flow of electricity through a circuit breaker means that live current is circulating. Testing for this live connection can be accomplished through the use of an electrostatic wand sometimes called a volt stick. This wand will determine whether a wire is live without the need for direct contact. If the stick finds electric current, a light on the tool will turn on.

Multimeters offer a combination low resistance ohmmeter and voltmeter all in one package. It will measure the voltage levels in circuit along with continuity and resistance as well. The multimeters tool allows for accurate readings to find problems fast. 

This circuit breaker test typically is used by homeowners to find out if there is a voltage running through the circuits. One prong of the voltmeter touches each circuit part to measure that voltage; however, it is not the most reliable form to guarantee that the circuit can carry the load.

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