Finding Defects in Cable with the High Voltage VLF-4022CM VLF Hipot

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The insulation of cables should be regularly tested for defects to avoid serious problems in the electrical system. A bad cable can overheat or short and damage the electrical system and other equipment. High potential testing is the common test conducted in cables to determine if the cable is still within its normal rating. The test is simple to conduct and pretty straightforward. A test voltage is applied to the cable and if the insulator breaks down, then the cable is bad.

The High Voltage VLF-4022CM is a 40 kiloVolt hipot that lets you conduct insulation tests on cables, transformers and motors. It can put out a variable test voltage from 0-40 kiloVolts Ac peak-to-peak. This has a selectable frequency of 0.02, 0.5 and 0.1 Hertz. This VLF hipot is capable of testing cables rated at 25 kiloVolts at a maximum distance of 10 miles. It has a two-piece design which includes a charging current and load capacitance meter.

If you need to test cables, you can rent this hipot from Protec Equipment Resources. We also carry various diagnostic equipment from popular brands like Doble, ABB and more. Contact us today for a quote.