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Find Weak Cables with HV Diagnostics HVA30

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Finding weak cables without causing damage to them is a challenge many of us face when performing high voltage testing. The preferred method of testing to prevent cable faults or breaks is VLF hipot testing rather than traditional AC or DC hipot tests. 

HV Diagnostics engineered the 
HVA30 high voltage test system to allow for testing of transformers, switch gears and other electrical equipment using the VLF rather than AC typically used in medium voltage systems. 

Some of the benefits of using the HVA 30 include: 

This particular model is one of the lightest units available on the market today. With its compact profile, it’s a breeze to take it out to the job site, perform testing and then put it back in your vehicle. 

Automatic Sequencing

With this testing system you never have to worry about remembering test parameters that could lead to cable system stress. Instead this instrument is completely automatic in sequencing so testing standards can be applied correctly.

Intelligent Features
Many additional features that are quite useful come standard on this VLF model. Testing results are stored right on board. Sine wave, DC, AC and VLF outputs along with insulation resistance and capacitance testing makes for the easiest operation all in one unit. Multimode test funcitons are all included with real time waveform output display. Additionally, a portable Tan Delta unit can be added for further cable diagnostic testing. Test results can also be downloaded for use on a laptop or computer.

You can rent this HV Diagnostics VLF test unit for either daily, weekly, monthly or long term schedules. Give us a call today to have this equipment quickly devliered to your location or submit your information online for contact from our Customer Support team