Find the Right Megger Test Equipment at Protec

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Here at Protec we carry several different models of Megger test equipment so whatever the test and measurement equipment you need, we are sure to have models on hand to meet your project and budgetary needs.

The following equipment categories offer examples of our available equipment by type to simplify the process of selecting the right Megger meter to suit your project.

Battery Testing – Megger provides the BITE2P and BITE3 for testing of battery impedance. These models test and find trends on lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries at varying ranges of Ah. The battery load unit tests battery discharge capacities while battery voltage monitors determine capacitiy of battery installations.

Circuit Breaker Testing – the Megger CB832 provides circuit breaker and overload relay testing. The high current test sets also provide high voltage currents to make sure that breakers are functioning correctly, and depending on the amps needed, there are several sets available including 500, 750 and 1800 amp currents.

Megger Meters – a wide variety of meters are available from this well known manufacturer. Whether you need a micro-ohmmeter or a DLRO, units such as the MOM2 offer innovative testing that is safe and easy to use.

Insulation & Ground Testing – When it comes to finding cable faults, locator systems are ideal. Their voltage output will detect the faults without damaging cabling. Insulation resistance testers are offered in high current models and megohmmeters to suit the equipment being tested.

To find out more about renting test equipment by Megger and other fine brands, visit our online catalog or give our support staff a call at (972) 352-5550.