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Find the Right Hipot Test Equipment at Protec

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High potential or high voltage testing is also known as a hipot test. The hipot test checks the imperfect isolation making sure that no current will flow from one point to another point or affecting anything between the parts of that circuit.

No matter what type of testing you will be performing whether dielectric breakdown, withstanding or insulation resistance tests, here at Protec you have a variety of hipot test equipment to perform AC, DC or VLF hipot for utility or industrial applications.

One of our well known and frequently requested hipot testers is the HV Diagnostics HVA30. This unit provides 30kV hipot testing for VLF or DC along with cable burning and sheath testing in fully automatic or manual sequence modes. 

Another popular rental request is the High Voltage PTS-200V DC hipot with megohmmeter for direct current high voltage testing. 

Finding the right equipment is really just the start. Our customer service team is committed to providing answers to all your questions along with any information needed on all test and measurement equipment we have available for rent, lease or purchase. Contact us by phone on our 24 hour equipment rental or by clicking on the “request quote” button on each equipment inventory page.