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Find the Fault with High Voltage CDS-2010B Thumper

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One of the most important tasks when using insulation or cable fault locator systems is to remember not to harm your insulation or any accessories when using a thumper. Thumping at the lowest possible voltage using proper methodology will help find the fault without creating more faults in the process. HV diagnostics with equipment such as the High Voltage CDS-2010B Thumper with 20kV output will provide the high voltage test equipment capable of delivering safe and reliable results.

The High Voltage Thumper provides variable hipot testing, full energy discharge with multiple outputs and enough burn current to create an arc at lower voltage points. With additional features like three output taps and remote radar, HVI systems will give you enough powering juice to get the job done all without compromising safety and insulation integrity.

Here at Protec Equipment Resources, we offer many different types of High Voltage brand equipment as well as other famous manufacturers of items such as hipots, data loggers, thumpers, megohmeters, reflectometers and more. Contact Protec today to learn how we can help you design a solution to all your equipment rental needs that will help you stay within budget and avoid costly maintenance and repairs as well.