Find the Cause of Wasted Energy with Fluke Power Quality Analyzers

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Power quality analyzers are the ideal tools for finding wasted electricity in factories and other industrial facilities. Electricians and maintenance technicians use analyzers to conduct energy consumption studies, power quality recording and analysis of electrical loads.Fluke’s 434 Power Quality Analyzer is a complete solution for three phase power quality analysis. It can virtually measure every parameter in the electrical system.

This Fluke Power Quality Analyzer can help monitor maximum power demand within averaging periods. This will also help you analyze electrical reliability issues by capturing power events like dips and swells from load switching.


  •        Accurately captures power events like swells, dips, voltage changes, interruptions, unbalance, power factor, cost, energy consumption, harmonics and inter harmonics
  •        Logging and analysis as defined by EN 50160
  •        AutoTrend function gives you power quality insights
  •        System monitor allows you to have an overview of the electrical system with a touch of a button
  •        Auto scaling lets you analyze trends and automatic scaling of the vertical axis
  •        600 V CAT IV and 1000V CAT III compliant
  •        Dual 4-channel groups allow you to measure current and voltage on 3 phases simultaneously
  •        Cursors and zoom tools let you analyze trends easily

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