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Find Leaks in Your Power Plant with the UE Systems Ultraprobe 100

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Leaks can cause system loss and eventual failure if not corrected early. It is important to keep the system leak-free to ensure maximum efficiency and stability. To help you spot leaks, you might want to consider adding the UE Systems Ultraprobe 100 Ultrasonic Leak Detector to your current electrical test equipment. This tool can detect any type of leak like gas, steam, water, corona discharge and electric arcs. This makes it an ideal tool for power plant maintenance.

Geothermal and nuclear power plants need to have a leak-free system to ensure that nothing goes wrong during operation. The high temperatures and pressure usually found in the cooling and drive system increase the risk of leaks. It is important to spot leaks early so you can recondition the defect and reduce possible delays. The Ultraprobe 100 can help you spot leakage problems early with its directional ultrasound. This tool can detect leaks even in noisy environments without a problem. To determine how efficient this tool is, consider 
test equipment rental. This will let your determine if it is a good investment for your facility.

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