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Find Insulation Problems Early with the S1-5005 Megger Insulation Tester

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Insulation breakdown is one of the contributing factors in system power losses and may lead to failure. Cutting costs on maintenance will not save you money but will cost you more.  It is important to assess the reliability of insulation regularly to avoid problems in the future. If you are looking for a good insulation tester for your facility, you might want to check out the S1-5005 insulation tester.

This Megger tester features a 5 kiloVolt output test current which is suitable for cable insulation and bushing testing. It can measure insulation resistance up to 5 TΩ and has a high output current that allows it to test samples with high capacitance like long cable installations. Its output test voltage is variable so you can configure the S1-5005 according to the manufacturer’s recommended settings. For accuracy, it has a guard terminal to remove surface leakage currents that might affect the readings. It has a double high voltage warning system using LED lights and LCD arrows to protect the user from harm.

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