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Find Hot Spots in Your Equipment with the Fluke Ti55 Thermal Camera

Hot spots can occur if there are partial damages in your equipment. This can be difficult to find and may cause your equipment to eventually fail. Using a thermal camera is a great way to detect overheating parts of electrical equipment. This allows you to detect problems starting before they get worse.

The Ti55 thermal camera from 
Fluke power diagnostic tools is a reliable tool for detecting hot spots in transformers, motors and other electrical equipment. A great feature of this is its ability to show infrared images together with real world images. This helps you easily locate the source of the problem and repair it. It features the AutoCapture function which lets you find problems quickly. It gives you an indicator on images that are too hot or may be a suspected defect. It has a large LCD screen so you can clearly see images. IT also uses low noise sensors to reduce image noise and discern minor temperature differences. If you are interested in trying this tool, consider renting one from a test equipment rental company.

Rent the Fluke Ti55 today from Protec Equipment Resources to be able to evaluate its features. We offer variable rental terms at affordable rates. Contact us today and request for a quote on the equipment you need.


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