Find Hidden Faults in Conductor Junctions with a MicroOhmmeter

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There are times that problems in electrical contacts, bus bars and terminal junctions do not show obvious signs of damage. If the defect is not immediately addressed, your electrical system may prematurely fail. Visual inspection is not enough to find these faults. To effectively spot hidden defects in conductor junctions, consider using a MicroOhmmeter.

A MicroOhmmeter or Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter lets you measure junction resistance of conductors. Since conductors are good at carrying electricity, corrosion and microscopic gaps can introduce resistance in the junction. When this happens, efficiency is reduced and the junction may have localized Ohmic heating. This can further deteriorate the part and cause eventual failure.

One of the testers you might want to check out is the Megger DLRO 10HD. This device can measure resistance ranging from 0 to 2500.0 Ohms and has an output current of 10 Amperes. It can supply this current for 60 seconds without waiting for the device to cool down. This Megger DLRO makes it also suitable for inductance charging.

Protec carries MicroOhmmeters and other test equipment to cater to your needs. You can choose to rent equipment for short or long-term depending on your needs. Give us a call at 1-866-352-5550 for assistance.