Find Faults in New and Aged Cables with the HV Diagnostics HVA30 VLF and DC Hipot

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Weathering can cause cable insulation to become brittle and open up. This can result in short circuits and electrical shocks to personnel. It is important to find these insulation defects before they cause problems. One way to find defective cable insulation is through hipot testing. This diagnostic test allows technicians to find faults easily with a pass or fail indication.

AC hipot is recommended in testing cables that are in operation. Conducting a DC high potential test on an aged cable can cause it to fail prematurely. DC hipot on the other hand is used for testing new cables before installation. This makes it necessary to have 2 types of equipment for testing cables in an industrial environment. If you want to save money and storage space, you might want to consider the HV Diagnostics HVA30 30 kiloVolt DC and VLF High Potential Tester. This device integrates DC and VLF high potential functions in one. It has a large load capability of up to 5 μF and an automatic frequency selection system.

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