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Find Cables Easily with the Amprobe AT3000Pro Cable Locator: Now Available for Rent from Protec

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Faulty underground cables can be hard to repair especially in difficult places. Digging to find the cables can be a hassle and there’s also a possibility of damaging the cables or hitting other utility lines. A better way to find cables is by using an underground cable locator.

An underground cable locator is an essential tool for locating buried cables without having the need to dig. The AT3000PRO from Amprobe is a cable locator that can detect buried energized, de-energized cables and even pipes up to 10 feet deep. It has a Patented Signal Processing technology to suppress noise in crowded places and from overhead cables to minimize false detections. It has an LCD screen and a loudspeaker to inform the user if a cable is detected. It is weatherproof  and shock resistant which allows it to tolerate rough handling. The Power, Radio and  G-3000 Pro are your three testing options to accommodate different applications. This allows you to detect cables easily in any situation.

If you need underground cable detectors and other testing equipment, you can count on Protec. We offer several testing tools like circuit breaker test set, CT tester, DLRO and  more. If you need more information on equipment rentals, contact us today for a complete list of available tools for rent.