Find Cable Insulation Faults Using the High Voltage PFT-503CM AC Hipot

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Cable insulation is designed to withstand natural weathering. However, after a while of operation, the insulation may develop defects that reduce the resistivity against current. There are times also that the defects are not obvious and do not show any symptoms. If not addressed immediately, these defects can  become out of hand and cause trouble.

AC hipot testing is a simple test conducted for preventive maintenance of cables. The tester applies a high voltage 2-3 times the maximum rating of the insulation. It is a simple pass/fail test that can find microscopic breaks which are not visible through inspection. One of the trusted testers for cable insulation maintenance is the High Voltage PFT-503CM Hipot. It has a variable output test voltage up to 50 kiloVolts. This makes it suitable for low and medium voltage cable testing. It has a built-in voltmeter to monitor the voltage applied to the cable insulation. It has a capacitive compensation system that lets you test 3kVA loads using only 1kVA power.

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