Find Cable Faults Fast with the High Voltage TDR 1669

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If you are thinking of getting a time domain reflectometer, you might be interested in the TDR 1669 from High Voltage Test Equipment. This TDR can help locate cable defects in overhead and even underground cable installations. This makes it an ideal tool for diagnosing problems in power, CATV and data cable facilities.

The High Voltage TDR 1669  is a portable and rugged 
cable fault locator that uses time domain reflectometry. This diagnostic instrument can also be used in conjunction with thumpers to find faults in buried cables. It has 7 distance measuring ranges and can detect problems as far as 48 000 feet. You also have the option to switch from live trace TDR mode to arc reflection mode. These modes let you choose a suitable test for cable fault location. It has a HOLD function so you can freeze the waveform when a ballistic impulse is sent out during arc reflection mode. This tool also has an automatic range and locate feature to help spot defects easily.

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