Find Cable Faults Fast with a Time Domain Reflectometer

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Time domain reflectometry makes testing of long cables fast and easy. This method quickly locates bad cable points and automatically calculates the distance of the defect. This makes it very convenient especially on cables several feet long.

Cables are often exposed to the elements during operation which causes them to degrade after a period of use. Regular cable testing should be done to prevent damage and injury to personnel. Cable problems like chaffing, internal breaks and water tree damage can be hard to detect especially on long installations. Inspecting it will take too much time and isn’t practical. A fast way to detect cable problems is by using a time domain reflectometer. This testing tool finds cable faults by injecting a test signal into the cable being tested. A good cable with no problems should absorb the pulse transmitted at its end. Defects will cause its impedance to change and reflect some of the signal. The signal travels at a constant speed and this information is used to calculate exactly the distance of the problem.

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