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Find Bad Insulators with the MI 3200 Insulation Tester

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Overhead cable installations are often exposed to environmental elements that reduce its reliability. Rain water, humidity and soot are some of the elements that degrade the insulation of the cable. They reduce the resistance of the insulator to the point that it cannot isolate the conductor well. This can cause serious damage to other equipment if not addressed immediately.

One of the most frustrating situations you could encounter is down time of your electrical facility because of a blown electrical component. A faulty component can cause catastrophic damage to your facility. This is difficult to pin point because multiple systems are affected. This causes long hours of troubleshooting and retesting of equipment before putting them back into operation. The common tool used in measuring insulation resistance is the 3200 teraOhm 10 kiloVolt insulation resistance tester from Metrel Test Instruments. It is capable of measuring insulation resistances of up to 10 teraOhms. This is ideal for most medium and high voltage cables. It can also be used to test other insulators found in industrial electrical facilities. It has the ability to reject interference that might affect the resistance reading. It conforms with the CAT IV 600 Volt standard to protect it and the equipment from harm.

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