Featuring the Raytech Micro Junior 10A DLRO

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A DLRO is used in determining resistance changes in metal joints, welded joints and electrical terminals. The resistance can change because of the accumulation of contaminants, rust formation, carbon deposits or thinning of the contact surface. The resistances of these devices are very low that’s why a normal ohmmeter will not do.

The Raytech Micro Junior 10 ampere digital low resistance ohmmeter features a 10 ampere output. It can measure resistances from 0.1 micro ohms up to 400 kilo ohms. It has an automatic polarity reversal system and an internal memory than can store up to 2000 results. You can view the test results in its large back-lit LCD screen or you have the option to print it using its on board thermal printer. It has an automatic measurement detection mode and a forward and reverse current mode. This tester is very reliable and rugged. It can withstand drops as high as 1 meter and is waterproof. It also has safety features like built-in protection circuits.

The Raytech Micro Junior 10 Ampere DLRO is available for rent from Protec Equipment Resources. We also have other high voltage test equipment from leading manufacturers. Call us and request for a quote on test equipment rental.