Featuring the Megger CB-832 Relay and Circuit Breaker Test Set

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If you need a reliable circuit breaker and relay test set, the Megger CB-832 test set can handle the job. It is a high performance primary injection test set for circuit breakers and relay systems.

The Megger CB-832 
circuit breaker test set can test various types of relays and circuit breakers. It is also used in testing thermal, solid state, magnetic over load relays and ground fault trip devices. The CD-832 can also test the time-delay characteristic of thermal motor over load relays and molded-case circuit breakers up to 225 Amperes. It can be used in other applications like in testing the panel boards of various voltmeters and ammeters as well as verifying the ratio of current transformers.

This circuit breaker and relay test set features a variable high current output of up to 1000 amperes with a peak of 1800 amperes and precise control circuitry. It has a crystal-controlled digital multi-range timer which can measure down to 1 millisecond. It has built-in safety overload and short-circuit protection.

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