Features of the Fluke 1750

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Fluke 1750 is the best device to investigate power quality. The device is easy to setup and use. It consists of Power Analyzer software, a handheld wireless Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and the power recorder instrument. The recorder records every parameter of the power, measures its quality, and records and displays events and disturbances at all times.

electrical test equipment that we offer is ideal for measuring the quality of power. The 1750 is a three phase power recorder device assuring complete visibility of the distribution system. As a quality recorder, Fluke power quality has the following features which are highly beneficial to users:

Easy setup: The setup process of Fluke power recorder is easy as there is no need for a PC or laptop configuration. The PDA is used as a controller and it helps in previewing data numerically and diagrammatically.

Automatic capture of disturbances: The recorder does not need to be set for threshold limits to start recording as it works automatically on a self-learning threshold routine. This way you can detect and display the events or disturbances in the power quality by using Power Analyzer software.

Simplified tests: Tests done using the 1750 are simple to conduct as the voltage probe on each phase can be connected to a conductor to record power events. The recorder automatically detects the probe and its type, thus configuring the measurement system accordingly.