Features and Benefits of the Megger ODEN AT

Megger-ODEN-ATDesigned for primary injection testing of protective relay equipment and circuit breakers, the Megger ODEN AT Primary Current Injection Test System, can also be used to test the turns ratio of current transformers and for other applications that require high variable currents.

Megger ODEN AT features and benefits:

  • Display. The display presents time, output current, voltage, current shown on ammeter 2 and phase angle.
  • Miniature circuit breaker used for current output. Interrupts output current.
  • Current reduction button. Used during setting to reduce the output current to 1/30
  • Fine adjustment knob. Knob for fine adjustment of current and +/- buttons for coarse adjustment.
  • Indicator lamps. Indicate whether ammeter 2 or the voltmeter is enabled.
  • Input for voltmeter. Used to measure voltage and for microhmmeter measurement.
  • Input for ammeter 2. Used to measure current in an external circuit.
  • Hold function. This function freezes readings on the display.
  • Selection/setting (CHANGE) knob. Selects the desired menu option.
  • Setting buttons.
    • Ammeter. Used to set the main current-output ammeter.
    • V/A Meter. Toggles between the voltmeter and ammeter 2.
    • System. Used for general settings.
    • Memory. Used to save or recall settings to or from the ten ODEN AT memories.
    • Application. Used to invoke the desired measurement mode: automatic recloser, sectionalizer or microhmmeter..
  • Injection. Starts current injection and timing.
  • Momentary Injection. When this button is used, injection continues only as long as it is pressed.
  • RS232 for computer. ODEN AT is equipped with a serial port for communication with PC.
  • Manual shut-off. Injection and timing are stopped when this button is pressed.
  • Automatic injection stop. Generation stops after a user-specified interval or when condition at the input is met.
  • Stop-condition indicator. Indicates that a stop condition is met, voltage or contact triggered.
  • Status indicator. Indicates if a contact connected to the input is closed or if voltage is present.
  • Stop input. Used to freeze a reading or stop injection.

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