Favorite Power Quality Analyzers

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Poor power quality can result in lost revenues and equipment failure so it is vital that systems be monitored and tested on a regular basis in order to detect any power issues. Preventative maintenance can go a long way in keeping equipment in operation longer while also avoiding the costly disruption of breakdowns and early replacement. Two favorite models that are rented again and again by our customers are the Fluke 1750 and the Dranetz PX5.

Fluke 1750
In the 1750, users are better able to find wasted electrical output while also evaluating demands on power. This flexible instrument makes recording and analyzing electrical loads easy so that proper determinations may be made about energy consumption. This Fluke tester offers wireless with headset from distances of up to 45 feet so that techs may easily setup and control testing safely while out in the field. The available memory card allows results to be stored onboard and then analyzed later via laptop or computer desktop.

Fluke 1750 Specifications

  •        3 Phase recording of power quality
  •        Automatic parameter and event recording on all cycles
  •        PDA wireless and front panel interfacing
  •        Powerful intuitive software for power analysis
  •        User defined monitoring threshold capability
  •        Connections for current probes and single lead voltage
  •        No need for wire reconnection, simply swap incorrect channels internally
  •        1 gigabyte of storage

Dranetz PX5
This Dranetz model offers strong power quality analysis with high speed data capture and sampling unlike any other system in its product line. Each event can be easily6 captured, and the touchscreen simplicity offers users the ability to work with a clean, clutter-free interface and no buttons. It can capture transients at low, medium and high frequencies using adaptive, wave shape, peak and rms duration samples. The PX5 is particularly useful in finding imbalances in non-sinusoidal systems.

Dranetz PX5 Specifications

  •        Power Analysis in three phases
  •        4 Voltage and 4 Current channels
  •        Color touch screen
  •        AC and DC applications
  •        256 sampling/cycles
  •        Cross & Current triggering as well as independent voltages
  •        High speed samples and data capturing
  •        Expandable memory up to 128 megabytes

Find both these models available in our online catalog for both rental or purchase. Our friendly support staff is available any time to help you choose the electrical test equipment rental that is right for your project. Contact us today for more information.