Faster Quality Control Checks on Metal Furnitures with the AEMC 5600 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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If your business is in the metal furniture manufacturing industry, having a tester to test the welded joints of metal frames can speed up quality control and ensure safety. This allows you to produce products that are high quality and durable. One tester you might be interested in is the AEMC 5600 MicroOhmmeter. 

This digital 
low resistance Ohmmeter allows you to measure very low resistance of bonded metal joints. The measurements give you an idea of the welded joint is weak and is a risk of failure. You don’t want your customers using your furniture to get hurt because of weak welded joints. ThisDLRO features a resistance measuring capability of up to 200 Ω. It utilizes 4-wire kelvin test leads to offset fixturing resistance that may change the test results. It also has several safety features like overload input and thermal overheating protection. This protects you and the tester in case something goes wrong during testing.

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