Fast and Simple Oil Dielectric Testing with the Megger OTS60SX

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When dielectric oils are contaminated with acids or moisture, the breakdown voltage is lowered making it a less effective insulator. This can cause currents to flow and damage other components. Getting an oil dielectric test set allows you to regularly check the condition of the insulating oil. This lets you spot signs of oil degradation so you can change the oil and prevent damage.

One of the most popular oil test sets on the market is the Megger OTS60SX. It is a semi-automatic and lightweight tester which can test oil dielectric strengths of up to 60 kiloVolts. This makes it ideal for transformer, capacitor and circuit breaker oil testing. You can adjust the configuration depending on the 
high voltage test you intend to conduct. It has a powerful microprocessor that ensures fast and accurate diagnostics. It is enclosed in a sturdy metal case which allows it to tolerate rough handling.

The OTS60SX can be rented from Protec Equipment Resources. You can also rent other electrical test equipment from us. We provide the best service and excellent support. Contact us for a quote on the OTS60SX oil dielectric strength tester.