Fast and Easy Transformer Testing with the AEMC DTR8500 Single Phase TTR Tester

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Transformers step-up or step-down voltages to be used by other equipment. The turns ratio determines the voltage conversion of the transformer. It should be kept within tight tolerances because changes can cause deviations on the secondary output. This can affect the operation of other equipment connected to the power facility.

The turns ratio of a transformer can change because of core and winding problems. This alters the magnetic flux coupled to the secondary windings and affects the voltage output. This causes an imbalance in the power line especially on multi-phase systems. This causes the transformer to overheat and may eventually fail. The AEMC DTR8500 Single Phase transformer turns ratio is a tool commonly used in diagnosing ratio problems. It has the capability to measure ratios from 0.8000:1 to 1500.0:1. It can simultaneously display polarity, excitation current and turns ratio for fast and easy testing. It can run on AC power and rechargeable batteries which makes it ideal for field and station applications.

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