Fast and Easy Insulation Testing with Metrel Insulation Testers

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If you are considering investing in an insulation tester, you should choose a model that has enhanced features to make testing easy and fast. With the number of models available on the market, choosing the best one can be confusing. To help you decide on what to get, you should evaluate a prospective model and compare it side by side with other models.

When looking for an insulation tester, you should consider Metrel insulation testers. Some of their popular models are the 3200 10 kiloVolt tester and the 2077 5 Kilo Volt tester from Metrel testinstruments. These models are commonly used by engineers. They offer automatic calculation of PI, DD and DAR values to speed up your testing routine. They also feature a safety system that automatically discharges the test sample after each test to protect the user from possible shocks caused by stored charges. This feature is very useful especially on high capacitance devices like large motors and long cable installations.

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