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Fast and Convenient Cable Tracing with the Amprobe AT-2000 Circuit Tracer

Amprobe AT-2000 Advanced Wire Tracer

Tracing the path of installed wiring using conventional methods like continuity tests can be a hassle because you need to power down the system. You can use a circuit tracer instead to trace wires even when the cables are energized. This saves you time and effort troubleshooting cable problems in electrical systems.

A good cable tracer that you might want to add to your cable test equipment is the Amprobe AT-2000 Advanced Wire Tracer. This device offers a simple method of tracing wires. It uses a signal generator that transmits 2 pulses every 0.5 seconds. The transmitter can be inductively coupled to an energized line without contacting live wiring or can be directly connected to de-energized wiring. The pulsed variations can then be detected by a receiver. The transmitter can derive its source from the line being tested or a battery input. It can be used to trace distribution, downstream and underground cables.

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