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Extend Your Multimeter’s Current Measuring Capability with the Fluke i410 AC/DC Clamp

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When measuring very high currents in an electrical system, most multimeters won’t work. The multimeters capabilities are only limited to a few amperes. Instead of getting other electrical test equipment for high current measurement, consider getting the Fluke i410 AC/DC clamp. This device extends the current measuring ability of digital multimeters up to 400 Amperes.

The Fluke i410 AC/DC Clamp allows convenient current measurement. You do not need to break the circuit or use test leads. The clamp’s jaw is placed over the cable that needs to be tested. It uses a hall-effect sensor to accurately measure the current flowing in a cable or conductor. Other features of the current clamp are:

  •        1mV per Ampere reading
  •        Jaw can accept conductors that are 32mm in diameter
  •        CAT III 600 V safety rating
  •        Battery powered
  •        Can measure current as low as 0.5 Ampere
  •        Can measure DC or AC up to 3 kiloHertz

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