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Extend Your Digital Multimeter’s Current Measuring Ability with the AEMC MR521 Probe

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The AEMC MR521 is high current AC/DC probe that allows you to extend the current measuring abilities of your digital multimeter. It can help save you money because you do not need to buy another meter just to be able to measure high currents.

The MR521 not only saves you money but also saves you 
electrical test equipment storage space. This probe allows you to measure currents of up to 1000 Amperes for AC and 1500 Amperes for DC. Its specially designed clamp lets you hook it to cables and small bus bars. The clamps incorporate Hall sensors for accurate and sensitive measurements. The batteries are enclosed inside the clamp so no additional power supply is needed. It features two test ranges with a quick auto zero calibration button. The output is not filtered which lets it measure true RMS with DC component currents. This feature allows it to be used in conjunction with power quality analyzers.

If you want to make sure that the MR521 suits your needs, consider renting one from ProtecEquipment Resources. Evaluate the probe in real-life applications to help you decide of it is a worthy investment. Contact a representative today for more details about the AEMC MR521 current probe.