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Extend the Range of Your Doble Power Factor Test Set with a Resonating Inductor

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When an insulator degrades due to contaminants or normal wear and tear, leakage pathways are created. This causes the current in the conductor to conduct through this pathways and further degrades the insulation. If neglected, this can cause the insulation to totally breakdown. Power factor test sets are tools used to test the reliability of insulators in motors, bushings and other electrical components. 

Power factor test sets can only test the insulation of low capacitance devices. If you need to test high capacitance devices like large motors, generators and long cable installations, it is necessary to use a resonating inductor. These devices are large inductors with an adjustable core that lets you change its inductance for tuning the power factor test set. The Doble Type C 10 kiloVolt Resonating inductor is a popular model commonly used by engineers. It lets you extend the testing range of
Doble power factor test sets like the M4000 series.

If you need to test high capacitance components, get a Doble resonating inductor from Protec. Our inventory offers a wide range of Doble test equipment as well as from other brands for rent and for sale. Contact us for a quote and get the best deal.