Excellent Low Resistance Measurement with the Handheld Megger MOM2

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When electrical contacts deteriorate, their electrical resistance may increase. The increase in resistance is caused by carbon deposition during operation, corrosion and deposition of contaminants like dirt and grease. A high resistance in electrical contacts can cause local Ohmic heating, power loss and eventual failure. Most problems in contact joints are not obvious until they are at a very bad condition. You can spot problems early by conducting regular resistance measurements.

DLRO is a device used for measuring the resistance of electrical contacts like circuit breaker contacts, high current links and bus-bar joints. A popular device you might be interested in is theMegger MOM2. This is a handheld device that runs on batteries but can put out a very high current of up to 220 Amperes. This is made possible by its internal Super Capacitor. This Megger meter can measure resistance from 1 μΩ up to 1000 mΩ. It also has a Bluetooth module for transferring data to a computer for storage and analysis.

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