Excellent Cable Fault Location with the High Voltage TDR1669 Time Domain Reflectometer

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Cables that are in service should be regularly checked for defects. However, it is not possible to inspect the insulation of cables especially if they are several miles long. Diagnostics can take a while and this can result in wasted time.

To save time and effort, a lot of technicians use Time Domain Reflectometers. These devices are helpful in finding cables as far as 48,000 feet away. One of the most popular and trusted TDRs on the market is the High Voltage TDR1669 Time Domain Reflectometer. This TDR is designed to be used with arc reflection and impulse generators. It can find defects as far as 48,000 feet away with no problems. It gives you the option to switch between live trace TDR mode or Arc Reflection mode. This cable fault locator also allows you to hold the sent impluse waveform during Arc Reflection mode. It has a 10.5″ colored LCD screen that displays the UI and test results. This tester can be connected o a computer through an RS232 port for enhance diagnostics and analysis.

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