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Excellent Cable Fault Finding with the Megger PFL20M1500

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Underground cables are hard to troubleshoot not only because you have to dig them up but also because of their length. Trying to find a fault that is several thousands of feet long can be pain. If you are wondering if there is a simple and faster way of finding faults, there is. This is by using acable fault locator.

The Megger PFL20M1500 is a complete fault locator that combines multiple cable fault finding methods. This fault locator has an easy-to-use MTDR mode that finds cable faults in just seconds. In this mode, a signal is sent out and the echo signal is timed. The travel time of the echo is computed to determine the distance of the encountered fault. It also has an arc reflection mode to burn in faults that are prelocated. This verifies the defect in the cable system. This cable defect locator is engineered to meet the specifications for power cable fault location in underground industrial plant and residential distribution systems.

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