Evaluation of High Voltage Equipment Calls for Megger MIT Series of Testers

An insulation test is done on electrical insulators to check their integrity. Most insulators may appear fine on visual inspection but contamination, humidity and internal degradation, which are easily missed if you are not inspecting carefully, can cause poor isolation. It may cause harm to personnel and damage to other electrical equipment.

An insulation test is done by placing a high electrical voltage on the conductor. While the voltage is applied, the resistance of the insulator is measured. A good insulator should have a resistance of several hundred Megohms. A reading of 1 Megohm or less indicates faulty insulation. During the test, the voltage applied may reach as high as 10 kilovolts depending on the test equipment. Proper isolation and grounding is necessary to prevent electrical shocks or flash overs. 

megger_mit525The Megger MIT525 and Megger MIT1025 are designed specifically to assist with the testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. 

The Megger MIT525 has a full suite of test modes as well as onboard memory and the ability to stream data/download data to a PC/ laptop. As well as measuring insulation resistance to 10 TΩ.

The MIT525 also offers various diagnostic tests such as polarization index, dielectric absorption ratio, step voltage, dielectric discharge and ramp testing.

• Compact and lightweight for easy transport and use
• PI, DAR, DD, SV and ramp test
• Unique dual case design provides additional user protection
• Lithium-ion battery – extended capacity, rapid charge
• Advanced memory with time/date stamp
• CATIV 600 V safety rating on all terminals


megger_mit1025The Megger MIT1025can conduct various tests on insulators in cables, transformers and motors.

The MIT1025 also features a double case design for extra user protection, and is rated CATIV 600 Volts on all terminals and an Ingress Protection 65.

• Variable voltage from 100 Volts to 2.5 kiloVolts at 10 Volts increments
• Variable voltage from 2.5 kiloVolts to 10 kiloVolts at 25 volts increments
• Measurement of voltage, capacitance, time constant and leakage current
• 3 milliAmpere test current
• Measurement of resistance from 10 kΩ to 20 TΩ
• 2 percent error guarding 500 kΩ leakage with a 100 MΩ


Megger is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done. 

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